QA Process

Manual Automated

It is very important to set up the right testing process and practices for manual as well as automated testing activities to exceed client satisfaction with superior service and delivery.

Caresoft’s highly competent consultancy has broad range of in-depth experience in implementing and executing manual test processes in a variety of domains and products. After a thorough analysis of your requirements in testing process and practices we can assist you in implementing cutting edge industry leading manual, as well as automated testing process covering all the phases of SDLC.

In conjunction we will also assist you in setting up; review, tracking, checklist, and templates to capture testing related data in every phase of SDLC for further analysis. This will result in the improved the quality of testing with maximum test coverage on functional requirements of your product.

Automated testing

For any product development lifecycle the use of the tools will be most successful with an automation testing process. In this engagement we custom design and deploy automation framework specific to the project. We analyze your project and the capability of the tool against the project feature. We deploy a framework for minimizing the maintenance and maximizing the functional coverage to reduce the regression testing cycle.

This engagement covers both adequate training along with a pilot project and deployment of a scaled down version of automation framework which can be scaled up easily and reused effectively.

Overall Testing

Engage our highly competent quality engineering and test management team to ensure the success of your testing process. We evaluate client requirements and expectations on quality and testing. We design the architecture of solution framework to meet each requirement and cover metric pulse points. Our quality and test competency framework will map the required competency framework to ensure high degree of client satisfaction.

  • The objective is to ensure your success with the highest predictability.

  • In-depth analysis of Client Requirements.

  • Project Complexity Analysis.

  • Define solution architecture flow.

  • Design Competency framework.

  • Define generic and specific process and pulse points.

  • Define road of independency or ownership.

  • GAP analysis on client’s expectation & vendor maturity.

  • Provide support to merge the GAP once engagement is ON.

  • Monitor Control & Evaluate vendor’s test process maturity.

  • Define process for effectiveness of testing.