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E - Solutions
  • Designing, developing and deploying Web-based business solutions.
  • Facilitating Customer Relationship Management.
  • Data portals to window structured data.
  • Information portals to window document and text data.
  • Collaborative portals to incorporate information and group interactive functionality.
  • Crafting data marts, data repositories and data warehouses for e-Commerce, CRM and ERP integration.
  • Instituting enterprise document management and text retrieval capabilities.
Knowledge Management
  • Implementing solutions for knowledge creation, acquisition, sharing, conversion and commercialization.
  • Providing intelligent access to organizational information, Internet data, streaming media, text and image-based data.
  • Facilitating enterprise integration of ERP, CRM, e-Commerce and other corporate information resources.
  • Developing expert systems and institutionalizing corporate knowledge.
  • Achieving personalized user interfaces through self-learning portal applications.
  • Architecting knowledge models and applications, and creating knowledge maps, networks and links.
  • Supplying knowledge and competitive intelligence research, writing and presentation.
Customer Relationship Management
  • Building software for successful online relationships.
  • Developing Customer Interaction Center management systems.
  • Crafting customer centric data warehouses and data marts.
  • Integrating legacy and third party information systems.
  • Interfacing all forms of communication media.
  • Assessing Mobile Computing options.
  • Implementing Technology Enabled Learning.
Testing Documentation Training
  • Providing user interface and business analysis.
  • Performing systems and quality assurance testing.
  • Developing online help facilities.
  • Developing graphical and multimedia presentations.
  • Supplying technical and training support for new hardware and software.
  • Developing and presenting custom training courses.