VP – Key Accounts

Satyajit Das, in his role as VP of Key Accounts at Caresoft, brings strategic vision and client-focused expertise to the forefront. With a dedication to understanding client objectives and delivering tailored solutions, Satyajit ensures that key accounts receive exceptional service and value. His commitment to building strong relationships and driving customer satisfaction plays a vital role in Caresoft’s continued success and growth.

VP – Key Accounts

Nitin Choudhary, as VP of Key Accounts, is instrumental in cultivating and nurturing vital client relationships at Caresoft. With a keen understanding of client needs and a proactive approach to service delivery, Nitin ensures that key accounts receive personalized attention and tailored solutions. His dedication to driving value and fostering long-term partnerships contributes significantly to Caresoft’s success and growth trajectory.

VP – Key Accounts

Vinay Shukla brings a wealth of experience to his role as VP of Key Accounts at Caresoft. With a sharp focus on client satisfaction and strategic relationship-building, Vinay ensures that key accounts receive tailored solutions and exemplary service. His commitment to understanding client needs and driving value makes him instrumental in fostering long-term partnerships and driving business growth for Caresoft.

VP – Key Accounts

Dhaval Desai serves as the VP of Key Accounts at Caresoft, leveraging his extensive experience and strategic acumen to nurture and grow pivotal client relationships. With a focus on understanding client needs and delivering exceptional service, Dhaval drives value and fosters long-term partnerships essential for Caresoft’s continued success.

VP, Business Development

Rajeev Khare, as the VP of Business Development, brings a dynamic blend of strategic vision and industry insight to Caresoft. With a proven track record in fostering key partnerships and driving revenue growth, Rajeev spearheads initiatives to expand Caresoft’s market presence and drive sustainable business expansion.

Dinesh Deshwadi serves as the CFO of Caresoft, bringing a wealth of financial expertise to the role. With a keen eye for fiscal strategy and over a decade of experience, Dinesh plays a pivotal role in driving Caresoft’s financial success and strategic growth initiatives.


With over two decades of HR expertise, Varsha Sepaha leads as the Vice President of HR at Caresoft. Her seasoned leadership ensures a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture, fostering talent and driving employee engagement. Varsha’s strategic approach to talent management propels Caresoft forward as an employer of choice, dedicated to the growth and well-being of its workforce.


With over 30 years of strategic advisory experience, Deepak Khare serves as the President of Caresoft. He has spearheaded multi-million-dollar transformation projects for Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan, Bloomberg, and AT&T. Deepak is renowned for his market insights, advising Wall Street analysts on Business Intelligence strategies. His leadership fosters enduring relationships and drives Caresoft’s mission forward.