Caresoft Inc. a technology focused, process driven and quality oriented software development and consulting solutions organization. We offer software consulting, development, support, maintenance and training services to general as well as vertical markets such as IT, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Retail. Our vision is to be the most preferred and significant software led global IT services provider in our chosen markets.

Since its inception in 1994, Caresoft Inc. (CSI) has maintained a strong reputation for quality and excellence through its unique staff augmentation process and cutting edge software solutions; in a fast paced and radically changing market. Our long-standing reputation has been built on our exceptional customer service and unprecedented system of screening and qualifying consultants. Our practice not only ensures that our consultants have the required technical skills, but that their business knowledge and personality suit the client's working environment. We provide the best fit solution to your specific needs while working as a true resourcing partner. We specialize in building your workforce to meet the specific demands of your business, from the placement of one specialist to an entire contract team.

At Caresoft, our strategy involves building strong relationships by retaining and hiring only the most qualified and professional sales, recruiting, technical and administrative personnel for each targeted technology initiative. Caresoft has the unique ability to conduct tailored and cost efficient assessments. We offer competitive pricing, fast response and exceptional quality.

The company has evolved into a large firm that enjoys financial stability, a solid support infrastructure, and a wide range and broad depth of available technical resources, yet remains nimble enough to navigate, change directions, and embrace new technologies quickly. We are technically driven, client obsessed and consistently evolving to better respond to our clients needs. We take great pride in our ability to craft and deliver highly successful solutions for our clients, often under challenging circumstances.

Caresoft Inc is a creative, reliable and dependable IT partner.